Why is it wise to get a regular oil change for your car?

Why is it wise to get a regular oil change for your car?

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The engines are the heart of any vehicle and since they comprise of moving parts, they need to be properly oiled and lubricated to avoid damage due to friction and heat. When oil is put into the engine, it collects dirt and grease over time which changes the nature and viscosity of it by a drastic amount. At this point, the oil is useless to be in the engine and in fact, reduces the engine performance and efficiency.

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A survey recently conducted by the Be Car Care Aware stated that around 22% of the vehicles on road have oil which is dirty since they have not been regularly changed. Changing the oil at regular intervals will help cars maintain their performance and prevent any big damage down the line which can prove costly to the drivers.

  • Oil helps in lubrication of moving parts. The moving parts such as the piston, cylinder, cranks and shafts in the engine move at very high speeds. These speeds over time can cause wear and tear of the surrounding parts due to friction and heat generated, if not properly lubed. Before getting the oil changed for your car, make sure to read the manual to see which grade of oil suits the best and the recommended volume to fill
  • Oil helps reduce the temperature of the components. Parts which are not lubed develop friction which raises the temperature of the engine. The correct amounts of oil can help reduce the heat and prolong the life of the components.
  • The oil helps remove the dust and other impure particles. As oil enters the engine, over time, it forms sludge which is essentially the oil mixed with dust, dirt and other impurities. When the filters are cleaned and oil changed, these unwanted particles also go away with it which essentially cleans the engine.
  • Mileage of the vehicle is improved with the proper lubrication. In fact, the US Department of Energy has stated that over time, the mileage improves by 1% – 2% when properly oiled at the right times.
  • The life of the vehicle is improved. When the parts are clean and moving with the right amount of relative forces, the vehicle does not have to work extra hard to generate the required force. As a result, they last longer and the general life of the vehicle is improved.

Make sure to mark the distance at which you will need the next oil change and do not miss that!

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