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Hello, and Thanks for stopping by today. We’re going to take a minute to discuss something that EVERY driver should know about. Proper Tire Choice For Your Car. Now, to be clear I will do my best not bore you to death, and keep this segment of information as informative and interesting as possible.

OK, so where we are in the US right now, Fall is upon us, and that primarily tends to trigger a few thoughts. One, think about when your last oil change was, and two, do the tires on my car have enough tread to last through the winter? Well, not everyone thinks like us, but it doesn’t hurt to embrace it every now and then. To put this conversation into perspective, you would have to think about this as a precautionary tidbit of information. The tires on your car, truck, or SUV or vital to how you handle the road in all weather conditions, and tires that are worn, and have less than 50% of tread on them, are susceptible to fail in adverse conditions.

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The proper tire choice comes down to a few different factors.

Type of vehicle you drive.
Type of tire you want to have underneath you.
To make this simple, this is what you have to do. First off you would need to buckle down, and do some online research on tires for your vehicle. If you drive a 2009 Honda Civic, and winter is only 2 months away, you would need to source some good All Weather/Season tires. Something that provides grip in the snow, and slush, and will perform well when Winter has left the building. Same thing applies to you SUV owners out there. An AWD system is a great asset for your vehicle to have, but it means nothing without the proper tires to help keep the car under constant control. It never hurts to give yourself at least 3 solid tire purchasing options, so that the final comparison won’t be about quality, but more along the lines of your budget.

Your budget affects EVERYTHING you buy in life. The McDonald’s you ate for lunch, the RayBan sunglasses you picked up last week, even those movie tickets to see Hercules, all had some type of effect on your budget. Buying tires is no different people. Like I mentioned in step 1, find the tires you like, and then find the best deal for them. In some cases you don’t have to buy all 4 tires, just the two the do all of the work in moving the car. If the tires you want are going to run you $185, plus the cost of installation, then you need to save that dough, so that you can buy the tires you need before the bad weather truly kicks in.

Lastly, the type of tire you want for your vehicle is very important when choosing the right set of tires for your car. I know that I touched on this in the first section, but let me just say this, and then I’ll let you go. Winter tires are awesome to have for the winter, but then they tend to wear down when all the slush and snow is gone. On top of which, Winter tires are very ideal ONLY if you have a set of wheels/rims to put them on, and you have place to store them when winter goes away. Other than that, that’s a lot of money to invest in some seasonal rubber. My suggestion is to find a good, ideal, budget minded All Weather/All Season tire that will provide you with great all around coverage for your vehicle. Just be prepared to throw in a little extra cash to get what you really want. Because if you didn’t know, tires aren’t that cheap, and no amount of money should come between you and your safety.

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