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St. Louis Aston MartinAston Martin was founded in 1913 and is headquartered in the United Kingdom.
Although Aston Martin came up with various models, the Aston Martin DB7 launched in 1994 stands alone in sales. It is a luxury automobile styled by Ian Callum and Keith Helft. Known famously for its six-cylinder, the DB7 was an entry-level model below the hand-built V8 Virage launched a few years before.

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Before its next version, DB9, was introduced, the DB7 manufactured 7000. For a luxury automobile that is a colossal figure.

The DB7 used to be known as the NPX project which made use of Jaguar with sponsorship of Ford Motor Company. The Ford Company owned Aston Martin from 1988 up to 2007. The DB7’s platform consists of evolutionary features of the Jaguar XJS despite slight alterations.

The DB7 was designed and engineered initially in Kidlington, Oxfordshire under the supervision of Tom Walkinshaw Racing. The engines were carefully tested and put to trial run in the vicinity of Kidlington.

Aston Martin used aluminum for the torque. DB7’s successors also used aluminum for the most part including chassis.

What is so special about Aston Martin DB7 lies in its performance. It is the definition of Bond car. That is exactly because of it quick performance coupled with handsome look. Although the car is not manufactured now, the used cars also dominate the industry. The used cars too have a huge market demand. The price of a used model is sometimes close to the price of a Porsche Boxster.

Although Aston Martin originally began its production of DB7 in 1994, the deliveries had to wait until 1995. The British classic car attracted a large gathering with its coupe model with the Jaguar-originated supercharged engine. When the car entered the market, it drew raving reviews from the press. Its style and the almost hushed driving earned much renown back then.

DB7 stunned the automobile spectacle with relaxed and refined features. Back then no other car could offer it a proper competition. It was a revival of engines, electronic systems, suspension and bodywork.

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The worth of the Aston Martin DB7 matters when it comes to spares. If you experience any damage in the torque or any bodywork, the replacement of the spares might cost you an arm and a leg. The user should be mindful of adding oil per every 30,000 miles. Anyway you should take the vehicle for service upon the 30000-mile run. Forget the wheel alignment and be ready to replace the front tyres over the years. Front brake pads and a new clutch assembling will also require if you use the car for a long time. These are some elements you should look out for, if you plan to buy a used (of course, you cannot go for a new one of the same model) DB7.

The older the car gets, the more you have to worry about the regular services. But still going for a used Aston Martin DB7 could be a worthy option. But make sure you have a look at the service records of the car. Besides, checking whether the owner is familiar with the car will also be useful.

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