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St. Louis Car ShowSt Louis is home to a vibrant and active community of local auto and clubs celebrating many genres and styles of models from both past, present, and future.  Fortunately, many of these local car clubs do a lot of good work and sponsor many events that benefit local St Louis charities in the local community. Check out the websites of the events below and check out our events calendar to find out about upcoming local happenings in the St. Louis auto community. If you would like to see your STL auto or car club listed here, please contact us.

When it comes to family entertainment that provides a number of attractions for relatively little money, the auto or car show is big favorite. Car shows have been around for decades and usually promote the latest automobiles as well as classic cars and trucks. However, they do provide more than just looking at vehicles as even family members who have little interest in autos can find fun things to do at the show.

Auto – Car Clubs in St. Louis

Memories Car Club  Back in 1989 a group of gear heads started hanging out at what’s now Jack Auto Repair and Towing in High Ridge to shoot the bull and show off their cars. They started drudging up memories from the past and soon became known as Memories Car Club.

St. Louis CoachmentCoachmen Car Club of St Louis  The Coachmen Car Club is a social organization. Because we have monthly breakfast meetings during the off season, and often meet at restaurants before car shows, some might think we are an Eating Club that likes Cars. Rest assured that most of us are just as devoted to our classics and hot rods as we are to our bacon and eggs.

Show Me Car ClubShow-Me Corvair Club
Visit the home page for the Show-Me Corvair Club.  Check out member photographs and view their calendar for upcoming events.

St. Louis Independent Car KlubThe St. Louis Independent Car Klub promotes the hobby and preservation  vintage vehicles in a positive manner.  We  enjoy the camaraderie of  all devoted enthusiasts, and give back to the community by means  of  charitable activities and donations.  Our members strive to have fun while enjoying the vintage vehicles they own and love to drive.

Gateway Volvo Club of America

The Gateway Volvo Club is the local St Louis chapter of the Volvo Club of America.  The site and club are both wonderful resources for the Volvo enthusiast.  For more info, check out their site.

Boone Trail Corvette Club  Welcome to the home of Boone Trail Corvette Club. Please explore our site and discover good friends, good times and good food! Whether you enjoy car shows, parades, road runs, racing or more, you’re sure to find something to fuel your passion.

Car shows in St. Louis may be held indoors in large convention halls or outdoors at the racetrack or even in parks. They most often occur in the late spring and summer months when you can get outside and enjoy the fresh air which is perfect for families.

Latest Technology: Car shows are showcases for the latest in technology in terms of what is now available on vehicles. The larger car shows have new or even prototype vehicles from manufacturers that demonstrate new technology that fascinates the young and the young at heart. In recent years, driverless vehicles have become all the rage at St. Louis auto shows thanks to their futuristic appearance and ability to go to many places without being driven.

Of course, there are other new technical advances on display that will certainly interest car buffs, but may also spark the interest of family and friends who may have only a passing interest in vehicles.

History: There is something about classic cars, particularly those from the 1950s and 1960s that evokes interest in all people. Quite often, the cars themselves will have their owners, friends, or family dressed in the same time period which brings about even further interest. In addition, you can learn something about the history of the country based on the type of vehicles that people drove back then. Classic cars provide a window to the past, a personal window that shows what parents and grandparents drove during that particular era.

Performance: Auto shows that are set at or near a racing track will doubtless have performances of certain vehicles where you get to see them go at top speed. Quite often, there are parades of vehicles and even timed races around the area where cars of different eras showcase their capabilities on the open road. In addition to the performances, they are often tied to different events that include more than just the vehicles.

Special Events: Those who run auto shows understand that not everyone will be interested in the latest vehicle or classic car. That’s why you often have additional events such as live music performances which are quite popular and provide many hours of entertainment. In addition, there are many different types of events that are scheduled on the grounds where the auto show takes place so you can pick and choose the ones you want to attend.

Perhaps the best reason to take your family to the auto show is that it provides safe, family fun all for a low admission price. Compared to attending an amusement park or concert, an auto show is often a fraction of the cost and provides the best in family entertainment.