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BMW, or Bavarian Motor Works, is an independent auto manufacturer headquarted in Munich, Germany.  It bills itself as make of “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”  The company was founded in 1917.  It also owns and produces the Mini Cooper and is the parent company of Rolls Royce. If you’re looking for a new or used BMW in the St Louis area, you want to know that you’re getting the best deal; and the best performing car for the money. As you probably know, what sells the best is usually the best, which is why the top selling BMWs are definitely great cars to look into. The following St Louis BMW dealers with highlighted hot links are our featured advertisers and help make our network of sites possible, please support those that support us.

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When it comes down to premium quality in an automobile, many people turn to the name BMW. As a matter of fact BMW has been a crowd favorite for many years now, and they plan on keeping it that way. With recent shake ups in the BMW lineup there are still some new drivers out there who don’t know which BMW to place themselves into. However, we know which one is the top of our list – newer BMW 4 Series.

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For BMW designers, along with the CEO’s decided to make a change that would essentially change the way the BMW name would be viewed for many years to come. That decision was to change the world renown BMW M3 into a high powered, tech’ed out four door family sedan. There were many car enthusiasts who scoffed at the notion that this was happening, but what’s done is done. For many years the M3 has been more than just a letter & number combo, it was a badge of honor. It would let people know that you were for real. Even the guys who drove 318i’s and threw on an M3 badge could fake it for a little. Like they say in fashion, “Black is the new Black.” Well 4 is the new 3.

The BMW 4 Series is a triumph in all things German automotive to say the least. This is a car that at its deepest emotion will continue to strive to become what was the M3 Sports Car. Not to say that it can’t, but most people would agree that there’s nothing like an M3. But this 4 Series comes pretty damn close. The 4 Series comes equipped with a bevy of buttons, knobs, and hidden items that make the average person sweat with nervousness, while the professional Hoonigan just admires what he’s basically got himself into. Powering this land rocket is a patented twin turbocharged inline 6 cylinder engine that boasts a modest 425HP to the wheels. All of that power is transferred to the ground by a tag team of a CPU, and a 6 speed manual gearbox management system.


Besides the engine, another great reason why the BMW 4 Series or M4 is one of BMW’s best selling cars in St. Louis is due to its technology base that lies deep within the car. This includes a top notch audio system, satellite navigation, blue tooth, Ipod/IPhone/Android cell phone compatibility, and then there’s the safety features. Forward collision sensors, multiple airbags, lane keeping, blind spot management, keyless entry, cruise control, and so many more options, I would turn red in the face listing them all. The options for this car come in like a list of A+’s your son gets on his final report card. You have to just sit back, and enjoy the pleasure that this car provides. The bottom line here is, the BMW 4 Series is a solid contender, if not the leader of the BMW sales pack. It may technically be a brand new car, but that won’t stop it from making a driver feel like it has an old soul hidden under the hood.

BMW 3 & 4 Series: The BMW has been synonymous with the well-to-do and luxurious for quite some time. Foror this year, it’s clear to see that the car’s reputation definitely makes an impression on sales. With a total of 77,921 car sales made by the end of the September this car is a definite winner. The BMW gets 24/36 mpg, and has an MSRP of $32-$49,000. It’s also been ranked as #8 on the list of the best upscale midsize cars, and #6 for the best luxury convertibles. Despite that, it’s got the number one spot for the most sold luxury car numerous times.

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