Compact – Economy

America is a big country. People like to live a big king-sized life in this beautiful country. Hence, there is always a clamor for the bigger automobiles. That does not mean that the smaller cars do not have a market. We shall now examine some of the best-selling small cars in St. Louis.

Best-selling smaller-sized autos in St. Louis

Chevrolet Sonic RS Sedan:  You can call this car a Pocket Hercules in many ways. Connectivity is never an issue in this car. Hence, this is a favorite among the young professionals looking for their first car. Looks wise and cost wise, this is a fantastic option. Hence, you find this among the top selling smaller autos in St. Louis. Visit a STL Chevy Dealer

Nissan SentraNissan Sentra: This car has the looks of a sports car. Performance wise, it has the capacity to rival one as well. The Japanese technology ensures no compromise on any front. Young professionals preferring to mix quality with style need not look any further. This car would satisfy your dreams.  Visit a STL Nissan Dealer

Toyota Corolla S Premium: Fuel efficiency is a strong point of this cool Corolla. It has a few surprises in store as well. You have the option of selecting from seven artificial gears making it as close to the higher end model cars. Easy to maneuver on the crowded roads, this car sits right at the top of the favorites. Visit a STL Toyota Dealer

Hyundai Accent GLS: The suspension of this vehicle is the talking point of the automobile circuit. You have additional features such as backup camera and integration for the Android devices. Connectivity with the Apple Watch is just round the corner. This compact sedan qualifies to be a cost effective option. Visit a STL Hyundai Dealer

Compact – Economy Cars

Kia Forte Koup SX: The absence of the engine lag is a noteworthy feature of this compact sedan. The 6-speed manual transmission system is among the best in the industry. Having some of the latest features usually experienced on the high-end cars, this sedan is worth investing. The 18-inch alloy wheels give it a good carry. Visit a STL KIA Dealer

Chrysler 200s AWD: One of the few smaller cars with an automatic transmission system, this one is a favorite among all. Attractive to look at, this car has an extremely powerful engine as well. The car has a royal look but fits any kind of budget. This sporty car comes in an exotic range of colors.  Visit a STL Chrysler Dealer

Conclusion: We have examined six beauties above. Each one of them is fit to rank high on your list of the “first-buy” cars before you graduate to the higher-end vehicles.

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