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crossover vehiclesCrossovers have become extremely popular among people who live in United States. Most of the families tend to purchase crossovers due to affordability, space and comfort offered by them. The tall driving position offered by crossovers have made them popular than cars because they are in a position to deliver a better view of the road ahead. Here is a list of some of the best-selling crossover utility vehicles in United States. If you are looking forward to invest your money on a crossover, you can go for one of these.

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Nissan Murano: Nissan Murano can be considered as the most popular crossover utility vehicle among Americans. The affordable price tag has contributed a lot towards the popularity of this vehicle. At such an affordable price tag, this CUV offers a superior fuel economy, punchy engine, quiet ride and a posh interior to the users. The curvy dashboard made out of light wood has delivered an elegant interior to the CUV. Find Nissan Crossovers in St. Louis

Honda HR-V: Honda HR-V is one of the most popular crossover utility vehicles in the world. That popularity can be found in United States as well. Honda HR-V offers a classy interior. This vehicle is capable of delivering enough power for a fun filled ride. The most advanced safety systems can be found in this vehicle as well. The Honda Sensing system has not just contributed towards the safety of this vehicle, but also delivers a convenient driving experience. Find Honda Crossovers in St. Louis

Ford EdgeFord Edge: Ford Edge has become popular among individuals who prefer to get hold of enhanced cargo space from a CUV. It has also got a big back seat. Therefore, this CUV can provide comfortable seating space for more than five individuals. Ford Edge is a vehicle that offers a responsive driving experience. The turbocharged 2.7 liter engine is capable of catering all the power needs of this CUV. The suspension of Ford Edge is comfortable and compliant as well. Moreover, it offers a responsive steering experience. Find Ford Crossovers in St. Louis

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Jeep Grand Cherokee: If you are looking forward to get hold of an off-road crossroad utility vehicle, Jeep Grand Cherokee would be a good option available to consider. This CUV can deliver most of the capabilities of a SUV such as crawling off-road and towing. This CUV is packed with all the new creature comforts as well. The interior of the CUV looks pretty much similar to Range Rover SUVs. This CUV has got one of the simplest infotainment systems as well. Find Jeep Crossovers in St. Louis

Kia SportageKia Sportage: Kia Sportage offers a versatile infotainment system, generous cargo space and spacious accommodations for the passengers. As a result, a lot of people who are planning to purchase CUVs tend to spend their money and go for Kia Sportage. Even though Kia Sportage is not equipped with the most powerful engine, it can deliver a pleasurable driving experience. You will also be able to experience a decent fuel economy from this CUV. Find KIA Crossovers in St. Louis

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