GMC is a maker of trucks, vans, and SUVs.  It is owned by General Motors.  GMC is the 2nd best selling brand for General Motors (trailing Chevrolet).   The company was founded in 1908. So, here we are trying to figure out the answer to a small question that has been popping up every now and again for the last year or two, and that would be, “Which GMC models are the top sellers in America right now?”

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Popular GMC Models in St Louis

OK, to be honest, not everyone is thinking that particular question, but it wouldn’t hurt to look at some of the more popular models that GMC has to offer. To begin, one would need to realize that GMC primarily sells trucks, and crossovers to the masses, and to be REALLY honest, there isn’t much of a choice to be had. Granted what they do have, epitomizes the word innovative. For example if we take the brand new 2015 Sierra 1500 line, and what it has to offer. Well, as far as trucks go, this is a prime example of what General Motors wants to offer the public. Pristine, yet bold lines, in your face looks, rugged reliability, and the continuing performance of the name that has been around for decades. The Sierra 1500 has been rebuilt so that it no longer just falls into the single classification of, “Working Man’s Truck”. It has four doors, room for 5, a huge truck bed, luxurious amenities, and the driving feel of a vehicle that most women would enjoy. GMC has come to realize that the old James Brown song that shouts, “This is a man’s world” isn’t true. As a matter of fact, more women are finding themselves behind the wheel of trucks, and SUV’s more often than we think. So why not reconfigure the inside of the 2015 GMC Sierra, so that it can fully accommodate the whims of the modern day family.

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2010 GMC Sierra
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2007 GMC Yukon SLC
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GMC Savana: The GMC Savana takes fourth place on the list of best selling cargo trucks, and comes in multiple models designed for performance and fuel efficiency. The Cargo version of the van features 15/20 mpg, seating arrangements for up to 15, and a durable build. While not the most popular of models out there, it is regarded as one of the best built, which is something for most to consider. However, with low gas mileage, and a starting price of $30,970, it is not for those on a budget. Contact your preferred St Louis GMC auto dealer for a test drive today.

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The other popular GMC model that’s been spotted on the streets more often than none is the GMC Acadia. The Acadia is a full sized crossover that’s grown enough to play with the big boys, but sensible enough to not put everyday people in a panic as it drives down the street. The 2014 GMC Acadia has the interior of a business class SUV that seems to double as a family carrier. Kind of like if Tony Stark decided to go full incognito, and used an Acadia as his mobile office during the week, but then at the push of a button, everything switches to family mode for those weekend drives. The Acadia is that bad ass, that it could actually pull that type of venture off, with out a hitch. In some cases a potential owner could opt for the Denali version of the Acadia, which does nothing more than up the ante all the way around. Bigger rims, more tire, same space, but some more technological goodies for the driver, as well as all of the passengers that occupy the Acadia.

At the end of the day, these two examples from GMC are what’s putting the food on the table, well at least when it comes down to the vehicles that flow in the family sector. As far as everything else that GMC produces, we’ll talk about on another occasion.

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