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Honda is the second largest automobile manufacturer hq’ed in Japan and is the largest motorcycle maker in the world. In 1999, Honda launched the first commercial hybrid in the United States of America.

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Bommarito Honda 314-731-9777 North County
Meyer Honda 618-622-0588 O’Fallon, IL
Mungenast Honda 314-649-1330 South County
Honda of Columbia 888-745-2882 Columbia, MO
Honda of Frontenac 314-999-9999 West County
West County Honda 636-391-6600 West County

The Honda Civic is a car that has been around since what seems like the dawn of time, but actually it popped up in July of 1972. A spunky little three door hatchback that had enough room for a 2 adults, and 2 kids, and their groceries. The then Honda Civic was a Godsend when it hit American soil during the well known Oil Crisis, simply because even though you may have needed to stay on line for gas, you didn’t need much of it to keep going. Awesome fuel economy, reclining seats, air conditioning, AM/FM radio, and a small enough body that allowed it to be parked in the tightest of spots. The new Honda Civic is a car that has not only matured, but has also pulled itself out of the whole, “Tuner Market” so to speak. The Honda Civics of today are either slightly sporty, Eco friendly, family orientated, or very Eco friendly. The Honda Civic’s main competition is the Toyota Corolla, and there has been a long standing battle going on between the two of them. Regardless of it all, the Honda Civic is a very reliable car to say the least. It’ll just come down to the person deciding if the Civic fits their personality, or not,

Honda Accord St. Louis

  Used – Pre-owned Hondas for sale in St Louis

2013 Honda Accord Sedan Black leather, heated leather seats, navigation system, local trade-in, one owner clean CARFAX, Sunroof, and more. There are cars and then there are cars like this well-taken care of Accord. This luxury vehicle has it all, from a plush interior to a wealth of outstanding features. If you want a cream puff with style, this is it.  Available at Jay Wolfe Toyota Scion

Honda Hybrid St. Louis

HONDA AND HYBRID IS HERE AT WARSON AUTO PLAZA!!! This is one for the road traveler… Fuel efficiency, safety, performance, comfort, and Honda functionality is this package.. 40mpg for the city and 45mpg for the highway. Spacious leather interior makes this Hybrid’s stylish and stunning at the same time.. Come by and take a look at this one. Your credit concerns are our concerns, and we will be here to help you. All our vehicles come with Safety and Emissions.  Available at Warson Auto Plaza

used Honda Accord

2008 Honda Accord Sedan  Automatic 5-Spd w/Overdrive

4-Cyl VTEC 2.4 Liter  Cruise Control Power Windows   636-926-9902  5 Star Auto Sales

Popular Selling Hondas in St. Louis

Honda-CRZ  The Honda CRZ Hybrid is a great car with an average price of $20,082. The car has a 1.5L 16 valve, 122 HP 6000 RPM engine with a 6 speed manual transmission. Average gas mileage is 31/37mpg.  The car has an average $36,000 per 5 year cost to own and comes in two colors.

Honda CR-V: The Honda CR-V comes in close to first place for sales at 173,000 for the first half of the year. The Honda is available with two engine choices including a 2.0 and a 2.4 liter, with 5 speed and 6 speed transmission options. The CR-V most likely would have been the top selling vehicle for the year except for the fact that Honda recalled some 172,000 units in order to repair a faulty door handle. The CR-V retails at $23,843 and gets an average 23/31 mpg.

The second Honda best seller option is the Honda Accord. Now this Japanese born, and raised mid sized sedan came to fruition in the year of 1976. It was welcomed with open arms to anyone who wanted something a little different then the already popular Civic, or Corolla. Its longer hood line, and dual headlight set up was very sport, and eye catching. The four door version of the then Accord provided drivers with more room than ever before, and the ability to still drive long distances in comfort, and style. If we move ahead in time to around the Accord’s 3rd, and 4th generation body style, a point of fact is that it was the best selling mid-sized car for 15 years in a row. Now that’s something to be proud of. Looking at the New Honda Accord many people would argue the fact that the Accord is a better car than the Toyota Camry, but those are just simple opinions. The Accord offers the new driver safety, power, control, and a look that can be slotted into any scenario. The Accord can be used as a family car, the grocery getter, or even the means to arriving to an elegant nighttime dinner engagement. The Accord has been one of the most versatile cars in America, let alone the world, and that fact right there is something that will probably remain unchanged.

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