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Infiniti is a luxury car manufactur that was founded in 1989.  It is owned by Nissan and HQ’ed in Japan. Infiniti vehicles are now sold in over fifteen different countries. Infiniti is considered Nissan’s luxury brand. Let’s jump right into it shall we? Infiniti, the name itself speaks volumes, but there’s a question at hand that needs answering. Which Infiniti is the people’s choice? We pretty much know that there are plenty of options to choose from, but as it stands now, by today’s standards, that award would go to the Infiniti Q50.

Infiniti Dealers in St. Louis

St Louis Infiniti DealerPhone Number Location
Bommarito Infiniti 636-391-7200 West County
Plaza Infiniti 866-859-5911 Central County

Pre-Owned Infinitis in St. Louis

The Infiniti Q50 is a car that epitomizes quite a few descriptive words that come to mind. Edgy, sublime, elegant, refined, technologically savvy, sexy, intuitive, powerful, demanding, and above all, inspiring. I mean the mere simple fact that this car is a four door sedan, that has the looks, and street presence that can challenge an upper range Mercedes Benz E Class says a lot for Infiniti.

Infiniti St. Louis

For those of you who don’t know, Infiniti is Nissan’s more expensive car range, like Acura is Honda’s pricier version, and for a Japanese auto maker, being compared to Mercedes Benz, or the Germans in general, speaks volumes for them. But if we take a quick second to look at why this 2014 Infiniti Q50 does what it does so flawlessly, we’ll see why so many people love this version. For starters, the front fascia has a very commanding look about it. The curvature of the hood line, as it travels from front to rear is breathtaking. Not to mention, how the HID headlights add to the overall sophisticated, yet sinister look of the Q50. Behind that fiendish grille, lies the beating heart of a 3.7L V6 motor that provides enough power, and torque to make this luxury sedan fly by just about anything on the road. The 335Hp number lends itself to the seamless automatic transmission which guides this Q50 everywhere, and anywhere the driver wants to go. Gear shifts are practically never felt in this car.

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Inside of the 2014 Q50 is a dwelling that most people are not able to fathom. Supple yet firm leather clad seating awaits every bottom that is lucky enough to be allowed to enter this lavish automobile. And of course the running debate is which section of the Q50 is better? The front seats, with their access to the infotainment system, and all of the other technological goodies, or the rear seating area, where relaxing is the primary option, and doing anything else other than that would be considered, extra an curricular activity. It’s one of those conversations that usually gets lost over a glass of Chivas Regal, and good full bodied cigar. Me personally, I like the front better than the back, simply because I’m the type of guy who loves to hear the growl of the engine through the dual exhaust tips in the back of the car. Window down, seat in the upright position, and my foot firmly attached to the gas pedal. Yes the Q50 is my car of choice, what about you?

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