Jaguar St. Louis

Jaguar St. Louis

Jaguar, founded in 1922, is a British Car manufacturer with their man factory headquartered in Coventry, England.  It is owned by Tata Motors, an Indian Company. Jaguar was introduced in 1935 but it has a much longer history before that. Earlier it was known as the Swallow Sidecar Company and this firm was founded in 1922. The car was widely known for their unique metal fabrication and design and these were thanks to the skills of its founders. They then started out keeping the name SS Jaguar and created the first models SS 90 and SS 100. Their fuel capacity was 2.5 liters and contained around 68 HP. While the company was making considerable progress towards being famous, it was also entering the era of WW2.

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After the war, they purchased the Standard Motor Company which had earlier supplied engines for the company. At the same time SS Jaguar also committed to developing engines that would help them build their brand. The XK 140 and 150 were the main reason for the legendary status of the company. Since they were more performance based, they were just about to enter the International markets.

Soon after, they began using the twin cam 6 cylinder engines that would accept three varieties of fuel depending on their octane ratings. This gave consumers a chance to save their money on fuel by adopting the lower octane fuel without causing any damage to the engine. 1951, saw Jaguar win the first 24 Le Mans victory. It again won in 1956 and 1957. Later in 1966, it merged with British Motor Corporation and eventually become a part of British Leyland.

Later on, they would also rope in other automotive groups under their Premier Coroporation. Volvo, Aston Martin and Land Rover, sometime later also joined the business. Under the ownership of Ford, they began manufacturing a variety of vehicles and also reap profits. In 2008 when Ford had been selling Jaguar, Tata motors acquired it for 1.7 billion GBP.  Under their expertise, the car again gained ground as a blend of luxury and performance based car again.

Today Jaguar produces four primary models which are considered top – notch even by the wealthy class. The headquarters of Jaguar even though owned by an Indian firm has its headquarters in Whitley, England. The company consists of more than 15,000 individuals and the company is well on course to hit profits of 1 billion GBP every year.

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