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Land Rover St. LouisLand Rover is the maker of 4X4 all terrain vehicles The first Land Rover was manufactured in 1948 in England, which is where the company is based. While still based in the United Kingdom, the company is owned by India’s Tata Motors. Land Rover is the second longest running 4X4 Auto Manufacturer, second to Jeep.  The current available Land Rover models are Land Rover LR2, Land Rover LR4, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport, and The Range Rover.  For more information, schedule a test drive with your St Louis Land Rover Dealer.

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Popular Land Rovers in St. Louis

The Land Rover is the second oldest four wheel drive brand after Jeep. Headquartered in Gaydon, UK, the Land Rover has been a highly popular model around the world thanks to its robust design, spacious interior, and proven performance. Since 1948, the Land Rover and its subsequent models have proven to be quite popular in the UK and in most of the world.

However, in the United States the Land Rover took some time before it started to become popular in part due to the established US automotive companies like Jeep that were making four wheel drive vehicles. It did take several years before the Land Rover was able to make a real breakthrough in the US market, but today many of its models are reaping the rewards.

Currently, the most popular line in the US is the Range Rover L405 which is the fourth generation of this particular line. First revealed at the Paris Motor Show in 2012, the L405 features an all-aluminum monocoque body, sumptuous interior space, and offers either a diesel or gas engine although in the US the gas engine is the most popular choice.

Land Rover St. Louis

The 5L V8 gas engine offers 375 hp and the supercharged version provides for 503 hp and a substantial 461 lb-ft of torque. In addition, some export models of the Range Rover L405 feature a smaller 3L V6 with 335 hp. The eight-speed automatic transmission provides for plenty of power and fuel efficiency when needed. The vehicle itself offers a feature called permanent intelligent four-wheel drive that offers a 50/50 split of the torque and for high and low range options, a two-speed transfer case to get you out of sticky situations or help when towing trailers, boats, and the like.

Other models that have performed well include the Range Rover Evoque which continues to gain in popularity and the Range Rover Sport model which had enjoyed considerable success in the first few years of its release, but is now hitting some headwinds in terms of sales. Overall, the Range Rover line has done well overall with Jaguar having added its name to the company.

How Popular is the Range Rover?

Generally speaking, the Range Rover is up against stiff competition from the large SUV manufacturers in the US, particularly those that have tapped into the luxury market when it comes to these vehicles. The Range Rover rarely breaks into the top 100 overall sales, but it has done reasonably well against its most fierce competition from other US companies.

The critics generally like the Range Rover and give it high marks for most of its features. In earlier times, the Land Rover was criticized somewhat for its bare-bones interior. However, that has changed considerably since Ford purchased the company and brought it into line. Today, the Land Rover company still enjoys strong sales in the UK and in many places overseas while its US sales are up against strong competition from more established American companies.

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