Lexus St. LouisLexus first begun selling cars in the United States in 1989.  Lexus is owned by Toyota. The company is headquartered in Japan. Lexus is considered the luxury brand of Toyota. If you are interested in finding out more about Lexus vehicles, contact one of these local St Louis Lexus dealers. If you’re looking for a new or used Lexus in the St Louis area, you want to know that you’re getting the best deal; and the best performing car for the money. As you probably know, what sells the best is usually the best, which is why the top selling vehicles are definitely great cars to look into.

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Lexus RX: Lexus is another popular car with not one but two models making it into the top five most sold list. The Lexus RX sold 73,279 models by the end of September,, making it a close tie for the winning sales spot. Surprisingly to many, this car is actually a mid-size SUV, and holds the #1 spot for best Luxury SUV with 2 Rows, #2 spot for Best Luxury Crossover SUVs, and the #3 spot for Luxury Mid-Size SUVs. With 18/25 mpg and an MSRP of just $39-$47,000, it’s easy to see why.

OK, let’s just jump right into this one shall we? Who here knows where Lexus came from? How many of you great readers out there figured Lexus was just another high end luxury auto maker that was just out to stick it to the likes of BMW, and Mercedes Benz? Well, today we’ll learn a thing or two about Lexus, in hopes that you will share this info with others who are willing to listen. Let’s go.

Now we have to address the number one fact about Lexus, and that is, it’s solely owned by the Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan. In simple terms, the Lexus ES300 was the “higher end” model to the Toyota Camry. Same frame work, just more trimmings, bells and whistles, and it cost more obviously.

Lexus St. Louis

Any who, the Lexus name was brought to light back in 1989, and this was due to a challenge that was tossed out to the employees of the Toyota Corporation by local chairman Eiji Toyoda. {Funny how his name is Toyota without the “T”} Eiji basically told everyone to build the best car in the world, and with that notion, prompted the birth of one of the best selling luxury brands in the world. Through tireless efforts from the R&D team, and the Toyota Art & Design studios, came a car that made it’s television debut in 1989, and it was the Lexus LS400. This was to be Lexus’ flagship car, and it would be the vehicle that millions, and millions of dollars went into, in order for it to be perfect for those Americans that wanted something a lot more different than your average late 80’s Benz, or Bimmer. The LS400 had a look that was unmistakable, and a powerful 4.0 Liter V8 engine that kept miles ahead of just about anyone one the highways.

Now, the LS400 wasn’t the only car at the time to drive with the Lexus logo. Toyota produced a Camry based ES250 that would allow those drivers who loved Toyota’s to be able to floss with those 5 Series drivers, and no break the bank. Toyota knew that their Lexus line was going to not only make waves, but splash water in the faces of those who strongly believed that the words Japanese Luxury didn’t belong in the same sentence. As time moved on, and technology began to find it’s way from science fiction action movies, to real life, the design team over at the Lexus camp seemed really take that whole, “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection” mantra very seriously. Because when the 90’s kicked in, it was a whole new ball game for the auto industry, and Lexus was up to bat with a couple of new heavy hitters that went by the names of the IS250, and the RX300 Crossover.

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Lexus was on a roll with their flagship LS400 model, and their world renown customer service, so why not offer cars that would appeal to the female drivers of the world. Furthermore, they offered up the IS250 as a smaller luxury car that was slightly longer than a Corolla, and had as many options as well equipped BMW 3 Series. The 90’s also brought forth the dawn of the, “Crossover” aka the, “New SUV”. This fact wasn’t going to stop Lexus from capitalizing on a vehicle that would sell better than IHOP pancakes on a brisk Fall morning. The RX300 took something simple, as the notion of practicality, and infused it with copious amounts of luxury, and then made it work. From that point forward, Lexus has been on of those companies that not only comes up with stunning designs, ground pounding power plants, award winning details, and top notch customer service, they seem to always find a way to make you want their cars more, and more each year. If you look at the Lexus LFA, and see how it’s body lines simply invite you to stop and stare for hours on end, but at the same time, it teases your mind, and soul simply because this car is no longer in production. The 2012 Lexus LFA was like the 1989 LS400, in the sense where it too was the predecessor for all of the new cars that either or really really fast, or really really economical. Either way, Lexus has made their mark on the world, and car guys like me are NOT complaining about what we see.