Lincoln St. LouisLincoln Motors was founded in 1917 and was acquired by Ford Motor Co. in 1922.  It is considered Ford’s luxury brand.  The current available Lincoln models are the Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln MKX, Lincoln MKS, Lincoln MKT, and the Lincoln Navigator.  For more information, schedule a test drive of one of these models at your local St Louis Lincoln dealer.

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The Lincoln Motor Company, popularly known as Lincoln, is a division of the renowned U.S. based Ford Motor Company. Lincoln Motor Company was founded in August 1917 in Dearborn, Michigan, U.S. by Henry M. Leland and his son Wilfred Leland. The company was named by Henry after the legendary U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. At that time, World War I was still on and the United States was also involved in it in a big way. Main income for Henry’s company was through military contracts at that time. The company also co-assembled aircraft engines using supplies from Ford Motor Company. Since 1922, the company is a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. In 2014, the Lincoln brand was also introduced in China.

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The Best Selling Lincoln Auto Models in St. Louis

Lincoln models are primarily sold in North America though the vehicles are also sold officially in South Korea and the Middle East. At present, Lincoln sells two models of sedans (Continental and MKZ), three of crossover utility vehicles (MKC, MKT and MKX), a sports utility vehicle (Navigator/Navigator L) and two models in the limousine category (MKT).

This article looks at the best selling Lincoln auto models in the United States. Before we take a look at those numbers, let us see the total sales numbers for Lincoln for the United States in the last three years.

Lincoln sales numbers for U.S.

2014                           2015                           2016 (Jan. to Oct.)

94,474                 100,181                 89,504

Lincoln has been improving upon its sales numbers in a progressive manner. We now look at the best selling Lincoln models in St Louis.

Lincoln Motors St. Louis

Model                         2014               2015               2016 (till October)

Lincoln MKZ                     34,009                30,901                  25,343

Lincoln MKC                    13,077                 24,590                  20,702

Lincoln MKX                    23,995                 21,153                  24,989

One of their best sellers, the Lincoln MKZ is a sleek design sedan. It has two gas-engine choices in addition to a hybrid version. The base model has a 245 hp, 2.0 liter, four cylinder engine. It has an option for a twin turbo, 3 liter, 350 hp version. The hybrid model is only front drive. Furthermore, this vehicle has a short stopping distance with a good lateral grip.

Lincoln MKC made its debut 2 years ago. Ford Escape, Audi Q5 and Q3 are its competitors. It comes with xenon headlights and heated seats. The base model has a 240 hp, 2.0 liter turbo four cylinder engine. Likewise, it has an option of 285 hp, 2.3 liter turbo four engine. Both are six speed automatic.

Lincoln MKX comes with a 2.7L GTDI V6 engine and push button shift. It has an adaptive steering and intelligent all wheel drive. It gives great fuel economy too.

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