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Luxury cars have always been among the best selling cars in the world, in part because they are designed for beauty and comfort. These cars continued to make sales despite economy issues, and some are decidedly more popular than others. For example, as of September of 2013, the 15th best selling luxury car model in the United States had sold only one quarter of the amount of cars as the number one selling model. Here are the best selling luxury cars in the U.S.

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Mercedes Benz E-Class: Mercedes is ever popular, and that fact is proven with their spot on the list of best-selling luxury cars. The E-Class retails for $51-$92,000, with 20/30 mpg, and was rated as the #1 best in large luxury cars for 2013. While it’s not quite the most popular car on this list, we’re certain it would be if only it weren’t’ quite so expensive. Instead, this luxury car sold just 46,006 models by the end of September, placing it more than thirty thousands sales behind the best selling unit.  St Louis Mercedes Dealer

Lexus ES: The Lexus ES is one of the most affordable luxury cars out there with an MSRP of just $36,700 and 21/31 mpg. The car is flashy enough for most people looking for luxury, without adding too much to the price tag. But, at just 52,076 units sold, it’s far from the most popular car in town.  Still, at #4, the Lexus isn’t doing too bad for itself.  St Louis Lexus Dealer

Mercedes Benz C-Class: Mercedes Benz has been synonymous with quality since just about the time people began buying cars so it’s no wonder they’ve got two spots on this list. The C-Class sold some 66,596 models before September, and if it weren’t for a drop in sales in the month of September, it would be the second best seller in the nation. Instead, the C-Class comes in and #3, and definitely makes a splash doing it. The car gets 21/31 mpg, and ha an MSRP of 35-62,000.    St Louis Mercedes-Benz Dealer

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Lexus RX: Lexus is another popular car in 2013, with not one but two models making it into the top five most sold list. The Lexus RX sold 73,279 models by the end of September 2013, making it a close tie for the winning sales spot. Surprisingly to many, this car is actually a mid-size SUV, and holds the #1 spot for best Luxury SUV with 2 Rows, #2 spot for Best Luxury Crossover SUVs, and the #3 spot for Luxury Mid-Size SUVs. With 18/25 mpg and an MSRP of just $39-$47,000, it’s easy to see why. St Louis Lexus Dealer

BMW 3 & 4 Series: The BMW has been synonymous with the well-to-do and luxurious for quite some time, and for this year, it’s clear to see that the car’s reputation definitely makes an impression on sales. With a total of 77,921 car sales made by the end of the September 2013 this car is a definite winner. The BMW gets 24/36 mpg, and has an MSRP of $32-$49,000. It’s also been ranked as #8 on the list of the best upscale midsize cars, and #6 for the best luxury convertibles. Despite that, it’s got the number one spot for the most sold luxury car in 2013. St Louis BMW Dealer