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 Good Day to one and all. I’d like to thank you for sitting down with us today to read, and enjoy a little bit of history of the automotive company we know today as Mazda. So let’s begin with a small tidbit that even I never knew.  Did you know that the name Mazda was/is derived from the name Ahura Mazda a God of Wisdom, Intelligence and Harmony? Now oddly enough the Mazda name found itself being attached to rifle production during the second World War, but after everything that took place in the hometown of Hiroshima, Mazda soon focused all of its resources into making the Mazda-go Auto rickshaw. Kind of like the Tuck-tucks in Indonesia.

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When you fast forward about 40 some odd years, you come across two cars that opened the eyes of car enthusiasts around the world. During the early 60’s Mazda produced the Carol, and the Mazda R360. Both of these cars by today’s standards were the DNA donors for pretty much everything that came afterward. For those of you who are old enough to know this, please feel free to explain to those around you the sheer significance that the 60’s had in the automotive industry.

While Muscle Cars were marking their territories with thick black rubber lines, Mazda was in the midst of developing it’s first rotary engine. The Wankel Rotary Engine put Mazda in a light that would forever shine upon the company. Mazda’s German counterpart NSU, helped pull off two things. One, slap a small engine with great potential into a body that would be the standard for the RX-7. Then two, show the world that No One can build a rotary engine like Mazda can. Soon after the announcement of Mazda’s exclusive rotary engine, came the Mazda Cosmo Sport which by all means, had the look of a sexy Italian made car, but had the heart of a Japanese Shogun lying beneath.

Mazda St. Louis

As the 60’s bowed out of everyone’s lives, the 70’s ushered in new automotive rules, and regulations that not only put a choke hold on how cars were made, but opened the door auto makers like Mazda to profile what they’ve been driving around in, in Japan. Enter the Mazda Rotary Pick-up – the ONLY rotary powered pick-up that was made specifically for North American drivers. This mighty little truck is the Great, Great, Great Grandfather to the B2000 Series pickup. As time went on, and the Great Oil Crisis of 1973 came into full swing, Mazda like many other companies found itself on the verge of bankruptcy. But they were thrown a life line, and then were soon reintroduced to the automotive world with a few varying four cylinder cars that many drivers took notice of.

If we skip over the details of how Mazda’s fuel thirsty Wankel engines nearly put the company out of business, we would never have realized how technology has constantly developed something new for Mazda over the years. That same engine found itself being slotted into world renown race cars, and a Tuner’s Wet Dream, the mighty RX-7. By today’s standard Mazda is doing everything they can to make sure the world knows that Honda, Toyota, and Nissan are not the only Japanese auto makers who know how to make a bad ass car. I mean, if you think about it, Mazda as a company has gone from shouting, “Zoom! Zoom!” from the rooftops, to respectfully graduating into “Gentlemen-hood”, and whispering the word, “Kodo” into the ears of it’s competitors. No matter how you slice it, Mazda is a force that will continue to push forward, no matter what obstacles lie ahead.

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