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Mercedes-Benz is owned by Daimler AG and is HQ’ed in Stuttgart, Germany.  They began marketing their first cars in 1901.  Here’s a thought for all of you out there to ponder. With so many variations on any one of their models, which Mercedes Benz do you think would be the top choice right now? I have a very opinionated answer based on some facts that I’ve come across, but I’d like to invite you all to share your thoughts after reading this segment. Cool? Let’s get going shall we?

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Mercedes Benz E-Class: Mercedes is ever popular, and that fact is proven with their spot on the list of best-selling luxury cars. The E-Class retails for $51-$92,000, with 20/30 mpg, and was rated as the #1 best in large luxury cars for 2013. While it’s not quite the most popular car on this list, we’re certain it would be if only it weren’t’ quite so expensive. Instead, this luxury car sold just 46,006 models by the end of September, placing it more than thirty thousands sales behind the best selling unit.

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Now, without getting into some long winded tutorial style message about the history of Mercedes Benz, how about we just look at the car that seems to be the most popular right now, or has been for the past few years. I’d have to say that the current top model is the Mercedes Benz C Class, and I’ll explain why. Since about 2008, the economy in America has been at an all time low, but for those who could still afford more than the average priced car, they found a different way to drive something fancy. Nothing is most cases is more striking to look at than a clean and crisp Mercedes Benz. The 2012 up to the 2015 C Class models have been giving the world a lot to look at. Between the sharp angular lines, the short stubby body, the massive wheels, and that immensely aggressive front fascia, the Mercedes Benz C Class is something of a posh monster to behold. And I say posh because we haven’t even touched on what’s on the inside yet.

Mercedes Benz C-Class: Mercedes Benz has been synonymous with quality since just about the time people began buying cars so it’s no wonder they’ve got two spots on this list. The C-Class sold some 66,596 models before September, and if it weren’t for a drop in sales in the month of September, it would be the second best seller in the nation. Instead, the C-Class comes in and #3, and definitely makes a splash doing it. The car gets 21/31 mpg, and ha an MSRP of 35-62,000.

As we all know, the inside of ANY Mercedes Benz is always going to be something spectacular, and grand, and the C Class is no different from any of the higher priced models. Off course you have gobs of leather everywhere, seats that not only grab you, but can also melt away your daily stresses. Now keep in mind that we are talking about the C Class, and it is a small car in comparison to anything else that would fall into the, “Midsized Sedan” bracket, so all of you people who are over 6ft tall, I wouldn’t recommend this car to you. For everyone else, keep reading. When we continue our tour of the interior of the Mercedes Benz C Class, you will also notice how intricate the center dash is. There seems to be a button for just about anything you can think off. There’s a button to control the A/C, a button for the audio system, a button for the Hands-Free communication system. (Ironically funny.) There’s even buttons on the steering wheel that act as secondary/back up buttons to the one’s already on the dash. Then you have the different types of trim options that help break up all of that leather that surrounds you with comfort and opulence.

Mercedes-Benz St. Louis

I think next we should quickly touch on how the C Class drives. Like any other Benz on the road, the drive is effortless as it is flawless. If you have never driven a Mercedes Benz in your life, then I would suggest borrowing one, or taking one for a test drive, so you can see what you’re missing. Gear selection, take minimal effort, and most models come with paddle shifters mounted behind the steering wheel, so that if you feel a little froggy, you can shift gears, and switch lanes with the best of them. Besides the driving, the level of safety in the C Class is basically unparalleled. Blind Spot Warning signals, Lane Departure tones, Emergency Braking systems, Rear View Camera, and a top notch security system are all tied into this above small packaged car. Everything that I just finished talking about, can be found in any one of the 2014 Mercedes Benz models, but the C Class is the one that has been out shining the rest of the family for a brief moment, and nobody is really hating it for that.Mercedes-Benz Resources and Forums           

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