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MINI is a subsidiary of BMW. The vehicles are manufactured in England as is based on the design of vehicles formally manufactured by British Motor Corporation. America is a big country. People like to live a big king-sized life in this beautiful country. Hence, there is always a clamor for the bigger automobiles. That does not mean that the smaller cars do not have a market. We shall now examine some of the best-selling small MINI autos in the Big Apple.

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Mini Hardtop 2 Door:You can call this car a Pocket Hercules in many ways. This vehicle has TwinPower Turbo engines from BMW. With beautiful interiors to match the exquisite exteriors, this is the perfect small car for the small family. Hence, you find this Hardtop 2 Door variety among the top selling mini autos in the US.

Mini Countryman St. Louis

Mini Countryman: This car has the rugged looks of an all-terrain car. Performance wise, it has the capacity to rival one as well. With four doors and enough room for the entire family, this car has space to store your other belongings as well. If going on an adventure were one of your dreams, this car would satisfy it.

Mini Club Man Fuel efficiency is a strong point of this Mini. It has a few surprises in store as well. Enough seating capacity for six persons and sufficient cargo space, this car is capable of cruising at high speeds as well. Easy to maneuver on the crowded roads, this car sits right at the top of the favorites.

MINI St. Louis

Mini Convertible: The Mini Convertible would be the best picnic car available on date. The beauty comes in a half-closed version as well. With great engine power and excellent suspensions, this car can ride over any kind of terrain with ease. You get a range of colors as well.

Mini Paceman: The  absence of the engine lag is a noteworthy feature of this compact sedan. The world class BMW engineering comes to the fore. It can notch up tremendous speeds as well. Having some of the latest features usually experienced on the high-end cars, this sedan is worth investing. The 18-inch alloy wheels give it a good carry. 

Mini John Cooper:This is a powerful vehicle with its upgraded transmissions, high-quality brakes, and strong suspensions. The high carry of the vehicle is the talking point in town. This sporty car comes in an exotic range of colors.

We have examined six beauties above. Each one of them is fit to rank high on your list of the “first-buy” cars before you graduate to the higher-end vehicles.     

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