Nissan St. Louis

Nissan St. Louis

In 2011, Nissan surpassed Honda to become the 2nd largest automaker in the world. (Toyota is still #1). The company was founded in 1933 and is Headquartered in Japan. The company and it’s vehicles were originally known as Datsun. Looking for a compact or economy sized Nissan? Check out the Nissan Sentra: This car has the looks of a sports car. Performance wise, it has the capacity to rival one as well. The Japanese technology ensures no compromise on any front. Young professionals preferring to mix quality with style need not look any further. This car would satisfy your dreams.

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 So, my good friend John comes to me the other day, and asks me what he thought would be a simple question. “What Nissan model do I think is really popular right now?” My immediate response was to ask if he was in the market to buy a car, and he simply nodded his head. Alright, this is what I love doing. Helping friends with car advice. I had to think about it for a minute, and then sat him down to go over my choice.

Now personally I love Nissans, {I told him} and I also love how far they have come in today’s automotive world. With that said, Nissan has been making great strides with their high levels of technology, safety savvy, and stunningly good looking cars and trucks. But even with all of that, I’d honestly would have to say that the most popular Nissan model would be the Nissan Altima, and I’ll explain why.

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Nissan Altima St. Louis

2012 Nissan Altima
Sedan 2.5 L 5 Cyl
White   Marshall Ford

Nissan St. Louis

About ten years ago the Nissan Altima was kind of stuck in a rut where sales for that model were starting to flounder, and it’s competition was beginning to make it look rather obsolete. After a few years, a total revamping of the design team in Japan, and a swift kick in the rear from the launch of the GT-R, Nissan was getting back to where they used to be in the automotive world. Soon after the Altima began showing the world it’s new highly obtainable, and award winning features. Zero Gravity seats, more powerful engine options, more interior room for the adults in the back seats, a delicious sounding audio system, new wheel and tire combinations, some great safety features, and many other options that seemed to trickle down the grapevine from it’s more powerful, and faster siblings.

For 2014 and 2015 the Nissan Altima is a force to be reckoned with when it comes down to style, personality, affordability, build quality, and functionality. For many many years the Honda Accord was the leader of the, “Midsize Sedan” bracket, and it too had to tussle with the likes of the Toyota Camry, and Ford Fusion. Nissan CEO’s knowing of the constant competition for the title of “Best Midsize Sedan” figured that going head to head with these companies was inevitable, but they could make their cars stand out more by utilizing one of the oldest games in the book. By slapping their Nissan Altima on a racetrack, they caught the attention of thousands more drivers/buyers all over the world. Ford & Toyota have their car “bodies” in NASCAR, where as Nissan infused the Altima into the Australian V8 Supercar Championships.

Nissan CEO’s figured lets make our Altima shine like no other, and allow the people to see how brilliant this car really is. After that reintroduction into the Australian racing circuit, there was no stopping Nissan from simply showing anyone, and everyone how awesome the Altima really is. In many cases the Nissan Altima can be found, and then acquired with a pretty damn good financing or leasing package, which can only lead to one thing, driving it home. Because at the end of the day, having a great well rounded, reliable, and ultimately safe car for you and your family, is what counts.

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