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Subaru was founded in 1953 and is headquartered in Ota, Gunma, Japan. Toyota owns 16.5% of Subaru. The company is famous for it’s All-Wheel Drive vehicles. Subaru has made considerable headway into the US automobile market since its vehicles were first introduced decades ago – and St. Louis is no exception. Today, Subaru has managed to make substantial gains in the field of crossovers and SUVs which are some of the most popular types of vehicles with the US general public. Of the many Subaru vehicles that sell well in the US, the two that really stand out are the Forester and Outback.

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Subaru Forester: First introduced back in 1997, the Subaru Forester is a compact crossover that shares the same platform as the Impreza. Originally a compact crossover wagon, the Forester has garnered considerable attention recently thanks to new upgrades and Americans looking for better gas mileage and performance from family-oriented vehicles. The Forester was the 2009 and 2014 Motor Trend SUV of the Year as well as The Car Connection’s Best Car to Purchase for 2014.

The current model of the Forester is the fourth generation which was introduced in 2012. It features a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), sport-oriented suspension, considerable fuel economy with an average 32mpg on the highway, and increased interior volume over its predecessors. The overall performance combined with the fuel economy has made the Forester a very popular SUV in the US.

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Outback: The Subaru Outback is a highly popular model in the US since its first introduction back in 1994. Originally a derivative of the Subaru Legacy, the Outback station wagon quickly gained notoriety. A lot of that has to do with its combination of size, performance, and fuel economy. Today, the fifth generation of the Outback is on the roads having been introduced in 2014. Sleeker and leaner than previous models, the Outback is now a pure wagon that provides all the advantages of a standard automobile with greater cargo space that a wagon can provide.

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So popular is the Outback that it actually has surpassed the Ford F-150 in states like Colorado. With the general public moving towards more family-friendly automobiles that offer substantial fuel mileage, the Subaru Outback is currently just behind the Forester in terms of overall sales for the company in the United States.

In addition to the Forester and Outback, the Subaru XV Crosstrek has enjoyed a recent jump in sales. However, the venerable Impreza has seen its sales fall in recent times although in both cases it may be a temporary shift in the market rather than a long term trend. One interesting note for Subaru is that the sales of the Forester and Outback have now put them in somewhat of a bind as it takes longer for the vehicle to reach the St. Louis auto customer due to the manufacturing which is barely keeping up with the sales.

In the end, the Subaru Forester and Outback remain the most popular vehicles sold by the company. Each offers considerable advantages, particularly the Forester thanks to its high 32mpg highway rate and ample interior space for the family. However, the Outback is still a very well respected model that has garnered similar sales results for Subaru. 

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