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Tesla is a manufacturer of electric cars and power train components for electric vehicles. They are headquartered in Palo Alto, California.  They are best known for the Tesla Roadster which is the first fully electric sports car.  Tesla is a very famous automobile manufacturer. They specialize in the production of electric cars. Founded in 2003 with a vision to make cars with zero emissions, the company has seen stellar success with all the vehicles that have been rolled out so far. The fact that the cars are available at an affordable price tag certainly helps the Tesla brand gain market share.

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This article looks at the best selling Tesla models in the USA. Before looking at the sales numbers for current Tesla cars, it would be rather unfair to not speak of the Tesla Roadster, the first car from the Tesla stable. While Tesla sold around 2,450 Roadsters in a span of 4 years ranging from 2008 to 2012, the sales numbers, which appear rather low, don’t do complete justice to what this car actually achieved. The Roadster was the first ever electric car that used lithium-ion battery cells. It revolutionized the way people around the world started to look at electric cars. Before being taken off the road, the Roadster set a precedent for the future models from Tesla, whose sales numbers are given below.

Best Selling Tesla Models:

Model2013201420152016 (till October)
Model S18,19516,55026,40022,056
Model X20813,328
Model 3  Production to begin in 2017


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St. Louis Tesla

As can be seen from the table above, currently Tesla sells two models of cars – Model S and Model X, with sales for the third Model 3 scheduled to start from mid-2018, although bookings are already open for the car at $1000 a piece.

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The Model S was launched in 2012 after production for the Roadster was stopped. The car has enjoyed phenomenal success this year and is the best selling luxury car in the US. The number of Tesla Model S sold in the US is almost double the sales figures of the second most selling luxury car, the Mercedes Benz S-Class. Quite naturally, a car that boasts a top speed of 155 mph, is powered by a 532 hp engine and goes from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and is destined to be a best seller.

The Model X was only launched last year and has had a decent run so far. The engine is same as that of the Model S and can go from 0-60 in 3.3 seconds, with a top speed of 130 mph. But the most attractive feature of the car is the Falcon Wing doors, which are bound to impress one and all!